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Diana Dru Botsford [userpic]
Change to Studio60 for LJ?
by Diana Dru Botsford (digitalred93)
at February 3rd, 2006 (05:31 pm)

Apparently the new name for the show is Studio 60. Should we change the name of this community?


Link also includes mention of Peet coming onboard, for which I'm meh. I wish they'd just drop the other shoe and give BW the part of Danny.

Is it fall yet?

Rachel [userpic]
Matthew Perry
by Rachel (crazyrach)
at January 29th, 2006 (03:22 pm)

I just saw a new article that confirms that Matthew Perry will be in the show!

link to article

Rachel [userpic]
Casting News?
by Rachel (crazyrach)
at December 11th, 2005 (04:16 pm)

From Ask Ausiello:

Question: Any news on who's in talks to star in Aaron Sorkin's new NBC show? Someone must be talking. — Max

Ausiello: Someone is talking, and luckily to me. Sources confirm that Sorkin has approached — brace yourselves for some serious scoopage — former Friend Matthew Perry to headline Studio 7 on the Sunset Strip, which revolves around the behind-the-scenes goings-on at a Saturday Night Live-type sketch show. I'm also hearing that Sorkin has put feelers out to a big-name female to play the show's co-lead. (Hint: She shares the same first name as a legendary Melrose Place vixen, and her last name rhymes with "heat.")

Rachel [userpic]
by Rachel (crazyrach)
at December 11th, 2005 (04:12 pm)

I thought I could keep editing this post to make a list of websites about the show. So far I only found a few, but please comment if you found anymore to be added to the list!

IMDB Listing
Wikipedia Entry
Thread on TWoP

Rachel [userpic]
by Rachel (crazyrach)
at December 10th, 2005 (11:33 pm)

Welcome to studioseven the first livejournal community for Studio 7 on Sunset Strip. I'm crazyrach and I'll be your moderator! I don't know what else to really say now, so hi!

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